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Escorted Tours to Finland
Finland Flag

Map of FinlandFinland is one of those rare little treasure boxes. Whether you enjoy the fast action pace of adventure, filled with excitement and adrenaline, or you prefer the slower, quiet, time to think pace of life, Finland offers a little pocket of the world for everyone. Enjoy the cultural rhythm of the land and people. Find your freedom.

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Featured Escorted Tours

Helsinki Escorted Tours

For many travellers, Helsinki is main attraction and touring Helsinki will take no more than two days. The Lakelands provide beautiful scenery and an abundance of water sports. Lapland is a unique experience featuring almost endless forest that is consider that last true wilderness in Europe.

Lapland Escorted Tours

Lapland is a beautiful wilderness area that should be explored only with an experienced guide. You will find the land of the Midnight Sun quite enchanting, but not without its challenges.