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Escorted Tours to Germany
German Flag

Map of Germany From the fairytale castles of the Rhine and the dramatic scenery of the Harz Mountains to the poignant wartime legacies of beautifully restored cities, Germany is a country of fascinating diversity which everybody should experience. From the hanseatic north to the timeless, rural Black Forest, the revitalised cities of the east to the alpine splendour of Bavaria - there is so much to see! Relax on the waterways, enjoy a scenic ramble or immerse yourself in history. Our carefully chosen selection of themed holidays, river cruises and classic holidays ensure that there is something for everyone.

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Berlin Escorted Tours

Berlin is not only Germany's capital but also its biggest city with our 3 million people living at the Spree. Ever-expanding and at the pulse of time. From diversified nightlife to worth-seeing museums. From lovely parks to historic sites. The juvenile metropolis has got it all.

Stuttgart Escorted Tours

In the midst of beautiful hills and vineyards, down in the valley lies Stuttgart. The automobile's cradle is among the top-ranked liveability cities in the world. Stuttgart combines classical beauty with modern and futuristic ideas and thinking. With its vast variety it can fit all your needs.

Frankfurt Escorted Tours

Germany's fifth-largest city is a city of contrasts combining the past, the present and the future. It's countless museums along the Main embankment display the cultural heritage of Germany. Right across the river, "Mainhattan"'s skyline is home to international banking and commerce. For relaxation, go to one of the surrounding parks in Germany;s greenest city.

Munich Escorted Tours

The Cosmopolitain city with a heart! Munich is located in the south of Germany just a few hours away from the Alps or the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. The city is not only home to the BMW headquarters but also home to innumerous museums and galleries and huge parks. If you want to experience German cosiness and metropolitan flair, Munich is the place to be.

Dresden Escorted Tours

Near the Czech border lies the Capital of Saxony, Dresden. After being completely destroyed during the War, it now shines in a new splendour, emerging as one of Germany's cultural, political and economical centres. The beautiful Elb valley offers a marvellous landscape.

Hamburg Escorted Tours

The maritime and cosmopolitan flair of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg will definitely cast a spell on you. It is a major location of industry and media and offers a multitude of attractions for your perfect holiday, from it's world renowned harbour to a multifaceted nightlife.

Cologne Escorted Tours

The Rhine Metropolis with its beautiful old city offers scenic views across the river. Cologne is home to a number of media companies and an important landmark for trade and commerce. Its appearance is characterized by the architectural masterpieces of German history. From modern to classical art Cologne provides for every taste. Furthermore it is famous for its spectacular fifth season: Cologne Carnival, a huge street festival with costumes, music and delicacies, a not-to-miss cultural event in a must-see city.

Classic Germany

A nation with large expanses of timeless rural landscapes and wonderfully preserved towns, Germany has all the ingredients for a classic coach holiday. Sample the pretty towns of the Harz Mountains, the hospitality of the Rhineland, the quintessentially German Black Forest, or enjoy the peace and fresh air of unspoilt rural Bavaria.

If you like history, Germany has history in abundance. Let 'Colditz and the Great Escape' uncover heroism, poignant loss and Germany's eventual recovery. Or step further back to admire the palaces and gardens of Germany's royal families. With cycling and walking holidays you can experience the Rhineland from a whole new perspective!