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Escorted Tours to Poland
Poland Flag

Map of Poland A nation of imperishable will, this magnificently reconstructed country is embracing its future, but keeping its feet firmly on the ground by confronting its past. The incredible 14th century gothic castles, home to the Teutonic Knights, stand gloriously. The rustic charm of the countryside guarded by wild bison, tree dressed mountains, sandy beaches of the Baltic coast, and the Great Masurian Lakes welcome travellers from all over the globe. We remember the pain and strife of Poland and the world through visiting the World War II extermination camps, the Jewish cemeteries, and the dark political prisons, which portray seventy years of torment and dread. Although this sounds very dark and sorrowful, for those of us who remember through historical attentiveness, and for those who wish to visit in respect of those who suffered, Poland opens its arms. On a much lighter side, there are delightful horse-drawn carts to escort you through the alluring streets. Poland. Don't hesitate, just visit.

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Krakow Escorted Tours

If you have time to visit just one town in Poland, it should be Krakow. The town's setting is attractive and its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is both well preserved and enchanting.

Warsaw Escorted Tours

Warsaw's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the center of tourism in the city. Although much of the original Old Town has been rebuilt and is a modern creation, it is an attractive and interesting destination. The city's architecture reflects years of communist rule but continues to improve.

Gdansk Escorted Tours

Gdansk can be visited as a day trip from Warsaw. Many tourists consider Gdansk an interesting place to visit and it has gained notoriety as the center of the Solidarity movement. Gdansk's Old Town is quite charming.

Torun Escorted Tours

Often compared to Krakow but considerably smaller, friendlier, and less touristy, Torun's Old Town is, also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Zamosc Escorted Tours

Zamosc, yet another Polish town with UNESCO World Heritage status, is off the radarscope of most tourists. It is an interesting town that deserves your attention, if you are in the area.