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Escorted Tours to Switzerland
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Map of Switzerland Impressive holidays to Switzerland are awaiting for you!
Join our escorted tours to Switzerland and enjoy stunning sceneries of snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes. Use the search form below to find available holidays to Switzerland and call us to book for the best price!

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Geneva Escorted Tours

Geneva is small is beautiful. An international fame city yet nothing pompous within it. Geneva is little more than town-sized and exceptionally simple like its residents. Located on a picturesque location, it is centred around the point where the River Rhône flows out of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French, Genfersee in German) flanked on one side by the Jura ridges and on the other by the first peaks of the Savoy Alps.

Swiss Alps Escorted Tours

Covering an area of almost 60% of Switzerland, the Alps Mountain Range covers most of Switzerland extending from France and levelling out further into Austria. With the Alps mountain system in the south and the Jura in the northwest, mountains form the majority of the Swiss terrain causing The Alps Mountain to be known as Swiss Alps.

Luzern Escorted Tours

An hours distance from the south of Basle and Zürich, and spectacular mountain views, lake cruises and a picturesque old quarter, Luzern has been one of the Europe's most heavily visited tourist places. Its popularity dates back to the year 1868 when Queen Victoria came for a long holiday in August 1868. A century old steady growth has resulted in five millions visiting Lucerne every year. Tourism is the leading source of income, yet the city has been able to retain its charm at all costs.

Interlaken Escorted Tours

Located on lakeside, with a dominance of German-speaking populace in Switzerland, Interlaken offers the winter sport buffs, access to some of the most spectacular skiing in the Alps. Traditionally a 'summer' resort, Interlaken attracts the winter sports enthusiasts on account of its prime location.